Yesterday we finally got our head board for our bed. Now I’m of a ‘certain age’, I tend to wake up ‘very hot’ quite often during the night, which necessitates finding a cool spot in my bed to move into so I can sleep again. So we bought the biggest bed we could find, a Californian King. The cost of the bed was one thing, but we also now needed new bedding. When all was done, there was no room left in the budget for a new bed head, so I put it on my vision board and bided my time. I fell in love with the head board in Mike and Rachel’s room on the programme Suits. This was going to be the one for me. Then when we hired a wee honey stone cottage in England this year, the bed in the room actually had one. It confirmed my choice.

Eventually I had money in the budget to start shopping. We had to have it made up, because the market didn’t have ‘Ready Made’, for a Californian King bed. I wanted to support my home town, and have one made here, but my coin just couldn’t go that far. In the end, after some homework, we had a small Auckland company make one for us and ship it down. I almost cant believe it. I finally have a bed head, and not just any bed head. It’s the deep buttoned, grey linen one I  wanted.

Now some people don't really care about their physical environment. It’s just not important to them, and I actually admire them for that. I swear if I died, my home would become a time capsule, and that Steve would probably never think to change one décor item ever again. Probably my daughter in law would step in and tell him when he needed new carpet. So I’m just going to have to live a long time along besides him!

For me, I do care. Someone said I have a knack of looking at something, and pulling all the beautiful things out and putting them back together, presenting them in a beautiful way, so others can enjoy them. I’ll take that! That’s exactly how I want to bless people! So along with that talent, comes a caring for how I present my home. I love programmes like The Block and have recently discovered the HGTV channel, filled with house building and make over programmes. I love seeing new rooms beautifully put together and presented. I love the ideas and the new trends. I love the concept of making our homes beautiful. But the truth is, most of us don't go out and buy a whole house full, or even room full of new ‘on trend’ furniture and items all in one hit. We do it little by little, and bit by bit. We do it according to our budgets, our motivation and our priorities. For me, when I couldn’t stand my cheap rimu Formica bedroom suit anymore, yet couldn't afford new pieces, I took the time out one new year, and spray painted it, and replaced the handles. It took time and energy and a bit of money, but I got the beautiful white bedroom furniture I craved. Now it’s the brown Formica doors in my house I’m hating. Every time I see them I can imagine how much better they will look when they are white. I’ve had a quote to have them painted, and one to have them replaced. I might end up painting them myself, but in the end, I will find a way to make it happen.

So to finish up with, what is your little by little, bit by bit? Is there something you are wanting to do? Is it something as simple as new cushions? Is it painting a room a new colour? Is it buying a beautiful new piece of art? Or are you one of those people who just don't care so much about your physical environment. Maybe your little by little, bit by bit, is building your fitness, or planning your next tramping trip? Maybe it’s learning a new recipe, or getting a qualification? Maybe it’s doing a Te Reo Maori course? The point is, if we really think about it, we all have something, and making that something happen will require us to put in some effort and pay the cost. Most of us cant do it all at once, but we can do some of it. What is the next thing that you want to make happen, and what is it that you are enjoying that you have achieved?

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