Are you keen to see your town or city published?

It is a massive undertaking to create a Sarah Platt Art collection for a region. The making requires research , design, painting and publishing. Can you help kick start your region, joining the Sarah Platt Art Collection by commissioning or sponsoring the work?

Can you partner with Sarah Platt Art to help put the story of our nation together?

Sarah Platt would love to have every New Zealand region represented in her collection. Each painting taking weeks to months to do. Each region requires a year to put together. Sarah is keen to partner with organisations and individuals in the places she has not yet done, to help get these places off the ground. This could be as simple as an individual commissioning her to paint their towns story, paying to own the original, and allowing the image to be published into the collection. Better still, a regional charity or council could commit to partnering in the cost involved to develop a collection, and then share in the proceeds at a regional auction when the originals are complete.

Contact Sarah to discuss, email