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Sarah Platt

I was born in Wellington in the 60’s, raised in Wanganui and settled as adult in the Manawatu.
I had the greatest Kiwi childhood, with stacks of fabulous family holidays all around New Zealand. We never stopped the love affair with this country and continue to holiday around the nation together with the next generation.

I paint and celebrate our history, our places and our story.  I think it’s extraordinary what our forefathers and mothers were able to build and achieve here. We’ve inherited so much from their hard work, and we all continue to build whether we’ve been here for hundreds years or just a few. I paint the streets they laid out and the buildings they built which are now our communities.

Kiwi’s buy my work and hang it where ever they live all over the world like a marker on a map that says, ‘Where I come from’ or ‘Home’.
People commission me to paint their own personalized versions.
While simple in presentation, the work takes a huge amount of time and care to produce. Trying to encapsulate a town or city in one image with all the treasured icons is a challenge. I did patchwork quilting for a while before I started painting and I think this has inadvertently influenced my design process.

I hope my pieces invoke gratitude, affection and pride for the incredible corners of this nation we have had the pleasure to call home.

The demand for my work while always high, has increased markedly since the release of my Wellington series. The piece named  'Wellington'  I released at the end of 2016 was limited to 120 images, and is on it's way to being sold out. I have just added 'Love Wellington' in May 2016 so that there will not a hole in the collection. I have always spent at least 50% of my time painting commissions for people of their own stories, but while I am still adding people to that waiting list, I am taking time out now to concentrate on creating new collections in the high quality of my top selling images in acrylic. Although these pieces take me up to 400 hours to complete, I feel that while I am able to produce this calibre of work, I want to make sure I build a collection that proudly represents our nation.  I am already working on the Auckland designs for the two paintings that are due to be released in late October this year (2016).  In my sights are also on Christchurch,  followed by Dunedin, Queenstown, Nelson, Tauranga and Gisborne. The aim of course, is to have every one of our New Zealand cities represented, not to mention a whole heap of our provincial towns. 

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