sarah platt art with the wairarapa hospice Wairarapa AUCTION 2019

The auction is planned for the end of March 2019 although the time and place is not set, the Carterton Event Centre would be an option as it is reasonably central. We have already had a number of people register their interest for phone or remote bidding. You can do this by emailing Sarah

We will update this page with more information as soon as we can.

I’ve had lots of people asking how much the originals will sell for. I can only say, that for my first team collection, auctioned last year in partnership with the Manawatu Arohanui Hospice, my apprentice artists’ pieces, went for between $2,500 and $3,000. These pieces were smaller, and simpler than the Wairarapa pieces, and I have definitely spent a lot more of my own time designing them and working back into them. While each has had an apprentice artist working on them, except Greytown, they are very definitely Sarah Platt pieces. The piece I worked on without my apprentice help went for over $10,000 at last year’s auction. My last piece was sold for a lot more than that.

Don’t be put off though!

Each piece represents between 150-200 hours worth of work, and I think that people can easily see and appreciate my dedication to making these amazing pieces of art to celebrate your place, people, pastimes and place of work.

For this collection, we will set the reserve to sell, at a price that will cover my costs, and the profit above that will be split between the Wairarapa Hospice and Sarah Platt Art. People could walk away with a Sarah Platt original at a great price. Of course I’m hoping they will inspire  great prices! If you want to order a print, but are lucky enough to win an original, then I will swap your print out for you.

If you have any influence to help promote this event I would be very grateful.