Though this is such a small town, Waipawa has a charm and appeal about it that has made this image the best selling print in the Hawkes Bay collection! I have discovered that a lot of people have great memories and conections with this place.

print Information

The small print is printed on heavy white paper and large print is printed on textured bright white photo paper with fade resistant inks.

The canvasses are printed on heavy textured synthetic linen with genuine lucea cannon inks guaranteed fade resistant for 70 years and are stretched over a frame.

Waipawa Story

I still remember the delight of walking all up and down all of Waipawa’s pretty streets taking photo’s on a lazy summer day at the beginning of 2008. The body of work I put together for this exhibition at the end of the year began with this painting. When doing a body of work like this I usually choose a ‘warm up image’ fist, one that is calling to me and speaks of simplicity. Waipawa was it for me. And magic wove its way into this image from the start with the painting kind of dictating to me how it wanted to be painted. Chatted with lots of locals to confirm that I had the formula right. Apparently I did. Who knew that this wee image of a sleepy little town would go on to become such an incredibly popular printIt’s popularity in sales have overshadowed every other image I did for the collection. ? I look at how many I have sold and am astounded that that many people have such a special relationship with Waipawa. I’m aware when I paint that what I’m doing is making an historical documentation that appeals to our own stories and sense of place and this painting brings that concept home more than ever. The response of people to this image reminds me that when I do what I do well, I am making a contribution that matters.