I had such fun putting together the paintings for my 2004 Wellington series. I spent days at a time walking around city streets with a camera collecting hundreds of images. I still do that now,  but with the help of google maps, I find that if I miss details on my photographing days I can usually find them there, instead of having to go back to get more photo’s. I see my photographing days as ‘collecting’ buildings. Obviously I’m also getting a feel for the lay of the land and talking to locals finding out what really matters to them. I ‘collected’ these houses, chimneys and garages from around the bottom of Mt Victoria and made a single image from patching them together. When people ask me where the street is from this painting, I don’t really have an answer for them. It usually reminds them of a place they know because the buildings they built in the 1800’s were much like our kit set homes today. You went into the building company office and ordered a home off the books, maybe altering little details to make it your own. The result is that the same colonial houses and work men’s cottages are repeated all over the country. You can see that I have recycled these houses using them again for the painting City With a View. The ‘Terrace’ is one of the few paintings I have kept, but in honor my new Wellington series I am making it available for sale. All these years on I've been surprised at this images popularity, so I have also made it available as a small print and larger printed canvas.

Order Information

To order a print please contact Sarah at sarah@sarahplatt.co.nz or phone 06 3542318

Most transactions are done by eftpos or internet banking. There is usually a P&P cost.

Print information

The large prints are printed on high quality UV matt textured photo paper with UV protected ink.

The canvases are printed on heavy textured synthetic linen with genuine lucea cannon inks guaranteed fade resistant for 70 years and are stretched over a frame. The sides of the canvasses are black.