Print information

The  print is on textured bright white photo paper with fade resistant inks.

The canvases are printed on heavy textured synthetic linen with genuine lucea cannon inks guaranteed fade resistant for 70 years and are stretched over a frame.


New Plymouth Story

Sometimes you do a painting that you finish, look at, and then just know you have done something significant. This is what happened to me with this Image of New Plymouth. It’s not just that the painting is great, but that I realize somewhere in my gut that this painting is speaking into my future of what I’m able to achieve as a New Zealand artist.

This image was a commission for a friend who originated from the Naki. It’s got his family home, neighbours home, old school, kids school, church, businesses, favourite French restaurant, cricket pitch, and on and on. One of the things that made it great was that he didn’t give me a limit on the budget when he commissioned it which gave me freedom to spend as much time as I needed to make it right. Often on a commission I’m restricted by the budget with how much time I can afford to put into a piece, and there is a direct correlation between that and what I’m able to produce. There is a struggle in an artist between the need to make a living, and the desire to produce the best work you know you are capable of doing. I want to be able to afford to do both. I have another New Plymouth image in me that will be even better than the first, but until then, enjoy this one. It’s certainly got its own magic.