$4,000 (ORIGINAL)

This is a very rare opportunity to own a Sarah Platt original piece.


It looks stunning. It's sitting on the wall above my desk right now and it just glows. I love it.

I love the Kiwiana feel to it with the oh so familiar Victorian villas backed by pohutukawas, glittering harbour, and vibrant city in the back ground. It embodied the kiwi lifestyle with work, home and play. I think it speaks to the fact New Zealand is 'Home'. We built these villas when we first came to make a safe place to raise our families, and though most are modernised inside, we still value them today. We don't all live in a villa, but we all have made this beautiful country out home. The street represented here is Hinimoa Street. Would love to keep this as I love it, and am a little torn as to whether to let it go now or keep it for an exhibition of the originals. There has certainly been a lot of interest in it, and I have already turned down a solid sale for my first asking price.

Dimensions are 760mm x 380mm