Print information

This is a limited edition. Each print is signed with its own number.

The small print is printed on heavy white paper and large print is printed on textured bright white photo paper with fade resistant inks.

The canvasses are printed on heavy textured synthetic linen with genuine lucea cannon inks guaranteed fade resistant for 70 years and are stretched over a frame.

Dannevirke Story

When I did my Hawkes Bay collection in 2008 I debated whether to include Dannevirke. I would ask people each time I drove through if they considered themselves part of the Hawkes Bay and got a mixed response. I did always intend to do it, and as sometimes happens, got the encouragement I needed when one of the Dannevirke dental nurses commissioned an original of it. Her friend wanted a print, so we struck a deal where I painted the original for her at a discount and she allowed me the printing rights. In New Zealand if I sell a painting I still own the image. If a client commissions a painting they own both the painting and the image. Being a Dannevirke resident she had some definite ideas as to what was important to go in the painting. It was on her request that I included things such as the cement works and the three sisters (railway cottages). Apparently they are well known landmarks in the town. The little brick building is the old ‘murder house’, and of course we included the current Dental clinic by the school.

 Each time I was in Dannevirke the clouds came down and hid the ranges from my view. In the end I got my client to call me when the weather was clear and I  rushed over. By the time I got there the clouds were gathering and this is how I painted it. I think it turned out great.