About the Auckland painting.

The work for this painting began in February of this year when my husband Steve and I spent several beautiful days in Auckland dedicated to collecting hundreds of photos.  I then began the design work and painting in mid May, and have worked on it pretty much full time through the long dark winter days and into the spring. I have a show in Auckland at the end of this month, and had to have the painting finished to be captured by the digital specialist in Wellington ready for prints by last Monday evening. I was painting right up to the moment of leaving!

I took it down to my last Wellington show in September and displayed it, though unfinished. One comment was that most art looks good from a distance but not always so much close up. This is a piece that looks good from a distance but better and better the closer you get to it. 

I hope I’ve managed to capture the Auckland people love. (no derogatory comments from Wellingtonians please)

I’m disappointed that my best Wellington image only has 20 more prints of the limited edition I set for it three years ago. Because of that, I had thought about making this Auckland image an open edition, but I don’t want to cheapen it. I will release it in different limited editions at different sizes and on different medias at my discretion. At present there will be three different sizes printed on stretched canvas, one size on high quality photo paper and one very limited edition printed at 2m x 1m on toughened glass. 

Because the quality of my prints is so high, we realise we need to put measure in place to protect the image from illegal reproduction. This has been a problem for me in the past. To protect the value of the prints to my clients, I will register each one I sell. Each print will have its own number, and each owner will have their name recorded against that number in my data base.

I’m not planning to make small prints of this image. I plan to do subsequent paintings of Auckland with one or two that can be made into smaller more affordable prints.

As many of you know, my goal is to continue creating my New Zealand collection of stunning paintings of our cities. I’ll put most of next year aside to paint several more Auckland images. I may even partner with a client to do this if someone requested it at the right price. The client would get some input into what goes into the work. The printing rights would be mine, but the original would be the clients. For those of you who have asked, I do not plan to sell this Auckland original I have just finished anytime in the near future!