Introducing my wonderfully talented Apprentice Artists


Becca Platt

Rebecca Platt is finishing up a BA is psychology at Massey University. She is an English tutor and a World Vision Ambassador. I didn't want to train Becca as an apprentice artist as she is unlikely to be able to go forward with future work for Sarah Platt Art. My husband pointed out that it would be really quite something to have our daughter with a published piece in the Sarah Platt Art Collection. I'm so pleased I have used her, as her skill level is high and I'm thrilled with the quality of work she is producing. It's also been an extra bonus getting to spend time with her here in my studio before she marries and moves away early next year. She was a NCEA level 3 excellence student in art.




Tessa Bardsley

Tessa is also finishing up a BA, but at Victoria University. She too was an excellence student for NCEA level 3 and also won an art scholarship.  Tessa is my niece and has stepped in to help out after I realized how difficult it was to find artists with the skill set I required. She travels up from Wellington to work with me in my studio. Tessa is looking at doing post grad at Victoria university so I'm hoping she will be able to continue working for the Sarah Platt Art collection.



Sarah Barnes

Sarah Barnes is my youngest artist at just 17. She is finishing year 13 at Girls High. When I saw the quality of art this young woman is capable of producing, and her steady committed work ethic, I knew I just had to have her as one of my Sarah Platt artists. I have given her a very challenging design to paint and she is definitely showing herself to be capable. Her joy of painting certainly comes though in her work. Sarah will be going to Massey next year, and I am intending to be able to keep her busy with part time painting work in the form of commissions.



Lisa Tippett

I was not intending to have apprentice artists from outside of the Manawatu, but it turns out in order to get the best people, I've had to do exactly that. Lisa is from Hawera, and I am extremely grateful to her commitment in traveling down to Palmerston North to work with me here in my studio. She not only helps run a busy farm with her husband, but is a fabulous mum of 5 daughters aged 5-11. Lisa gets lost in the work. While she emulates the Sarah Platt style beautifully, she somehow brings a fun and joy to the work. I can see Lisa being my lead artist when I come to putting my Taranaki collection together and bringing a lot to Sarah Platt Art as we move forward to fulfill the vision of painting the nation.